Wa'Omoni (Barbuda) Aerial from 1.5 Miles AwayGuest on a Life's-a-Picnic Champagne CharterWa'Omoni Legacy Power Yacht Anchored at Bird Island3D Rendering of Wa'Omoni Legacy EcoPod3D Rendering of Wa'Omoni Legacy EcoPod with Solar PanelsWa'Omoni Legacy EcoPod ConceptBreakfast on the Life's-a-Picnic CharterCaribbean Helicopter Service Landing in BarbudaFootprint in the SandLife's-a-Picnic Champagne BreakfastDeserted Pink Tinged Beaches at Palmetto Point, BarbudaHiking at Two Foot Bay, BarbudaHorse Riding along Deserted Beaches, BarbudaGourmet Picnics in Picturesque LocationsScenic Lagoon & Mangrove Boating Tours

“For an exceptional time in Antigua & Barbuda, enjoy the magical Wa’Omoni Legacy experience.”

Wa’Omoni Legacy Inc. is a not-for-profit organization based in Antigua & Barbuda. We provide exceptional tourism products, tours and services for Antigua & Barbuda that result in employment, local ownership and the sustainable growth of the tourism sector. Our strategy is to raise capital and awareness for an exclusive eco-tourism resort in Barbuda. The Wa’Omoni Legacy Resort is in construction and will launch late 2014. The resort has two coastal sites in Barbuda, each with a different eco-system, and both share a common need – protection from over development. To help raise development funds Wa’Omoni Legacy Inc. operates a power yacht charter service called Life’s-a-Picnic in Antigua & Barbuda. The Life’s-a-Picnic private boat charters offer champagne, gourmet picnics and treat guests to island tours of our magnificent coastlines.